Do the right thing! (talk by Simon Wilson)


Simon WIlson

Simon Wilson from Studio of Things will be delivering the inaugural School of Design, University of Leeds’ external speaker talk series.

Title: Do the right thing!
By Simon Wilson
Time: 2pm to 4pm, Wednesday.
Venue: Roger Stevens LT5, University of Leeds

(Places are limited for those who are not Post Graduate students in the School of Design, University of Leeds. If you would like to attend the talk please get in touch with details about yourself and why this talk interests you —


With the hullabaloo over – amongst others – the recent Samaritans campaign, are the businesses doing this work properly connected to the world, and understand it? With this lack of effective insight do ‘creative ideas’ and the supposed immediacy/speed of digital delivery do ideas actually sit on a knife edge that is too easy to slip off?

Is this mental state exacerbated by brands that feel doing is getting a just message out there (ie. advertising) rather than actually doing, through meaningful actions? And is the culture within the businesses – usually agencies – that do this work too driven to just “get stuff” out there?

We will explore this in the lecture.


Fascinated how people interact with technology and how technology communicates with people, Simon Wilson has been working as user centred designer, technologist, and creative for over 16 years, working on major digitally enabled projects for many public arms, such as the DWP, DfES, and more recently the NHS and DWP, as well with some of the world’s most recognised business and organisations, start-ups, and local community focused projects (such as Leeds Data Mill). Simon currently runs his own studio, Studio of Things, where he explores the best ways to bring digital products, services, and experiences to life through research, design, technology, playfulness, tinkering, and collaboration – while putting people first.


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